Monday, May 12, 2008

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Well the past few weeks have been a whirlwind. Aimee is back at work and I am trying to get through finals week. Grading grading and more grading. Overall the past few weeks have been rather pleasant. Of course work is still the same ole same. Southern Miss "To the TOP" is the University battle cry, but I am desperately trying to figure out what it is we are really striving towards the top of. The image of a festering dung hill comes to mind (insert "welcome to Mississippi....Like coming home" slogan here. Umm for the record it is not at all like coming home.) Anywho, not my plan but Gods. My job is to be obedient....and currently He is saying stay right where we are. Thus, we stay and do our best to maintain sanity. Maggie and Jack are doing very well! Maggie is putting on the weight and is very happy. Tries to talk and gets very excited when Jack is around. She is waking up once a night (around 2-3 am) and sleeps fairly soundly otherwise.

Jack and I enjoyed yesterday afternoon with a long sit in the hammock. The weather was wonderful. We sat and discussed the latest toddler topics: transformers, of course. He is only liking the bad guys this week. Maggie and I spent some quality time together this morning. She woke around 2, sucked down about half her bottle and dozed off. She is starting to grasp and pet your face when she is eating. I am going to miss the moments when she curls up and falls asleep on my shoulder. Nothing quite like it....all is well when she is generating about 400 kilowatts of pure heat energy on your shoulder. If we could only harness the power of the infant to generate heat we might solve the energy crisis. Imagine it. put the harness on and plug you baby into the wall.

All right. Enough banter. Here are some pics! Enjoy! -S