Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Short lived screams and night of the iguanas: I feel a "FOY" award coming

Well it is Tuesday afternoon, about 4:00. I am sitting here on the living room floor, back propped up against the couch watching Miss. Maggie play in her ExerSaucer and contemplating on how awesome of a father I am. Two things have happened over the past three days to foster and confirm such thoughts. I had to take Mags in to the physician for her 6 month exam today. I must admit that at first I was not too thrilled about having to take her. Today was one of those days you build up in your head as a truly purposeful and productive day. I already planned how everything was going to transpire in my head: Finalize the research manuscript that has been collecting dust on my desk for over a year and move on to three other new projects (Today was the DAY). That was until Aimee reminded me of the appointment last night. So, begrudgingly at 12:00 I drove over and picked her up and we went to the pediatric clinic. We arrived early and they got us in early (really cool). They anticipated that Miss. Maggie was going to have a bad visit (lots of planned sticks ahead of us). WOW! What a pleasure to have such a calm, cool little cucumber as a daughter. How dumb am I? (uh no post on that please...rhetorical). I would have missed out on the coolest 20 minute doctor visit ever (Yeah 20 minutes...my girl rocks!) This little (16 pounds 6 ounces; 27 & 1/2 inches long with a 17 inch head [insert quote here: "its got its own satellite system.....HEED PANTS NOW!] girl has got some moxy, for after three shots, one finger prick and an oral dose of something terribly nasty, my little tough one was smiling. One short lived scream, one split second glance of "why are you doing this to me?"and (without pause) smiling. NOT the little "are you sure it is going to be okay?"grin, I am speaking of the ear to ear, cheek compressing, lip attenuating "I Love You Daddy! You are the greatest" written all across her face, could smelt iron ore in the middle of the arctic circle smile. Both of her tiny pearly white bottom incisors gleaming up at me (covered by copious amounts of slobber of course). She is a TOUGH little cookie and I don't even care that the manuscript has collected another day of dust. It CAN wait......now on to "the rest of the story"...Feats of great fatherly ability and Big Brother.

We started the AWANA program at our church on Sunday nights. This past Sunday was the first session. Intent on getting Jack hyped for how much fun he was going to have later that day, I decided to talk non stop about everything AWANA. How we were having AWANAs at the church, and how much fun all the boys and girls were going to have....you know, because of having AWANAs. I really ran this one into the ground for about an hour, with good effect, Jack seamed to be getting pumped about AWANAs being at the church later that day. Weeeeeeell, Aimee is reading a book to Jack prior to his Sunday nap and she asked him, "Jack are you excited about going back to church?" "YES! Daddy told me that we are having Iguanas at church. I want to pet one!".....mission accomplished! Go ahead and send in your nominations for my "FOY" (Father of the year ) :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Can you find the low spot? Can you find the ditch? Nope? Keep looking. Wanted to post this to show just how much rain we received from Gustav. Saturated is a good word. Our builder is building a house two doors down and had just finished putting in all the top soil for the yard.....now I have a bunch of top soil (which is great because I have a few low spots), but it is located in the one spot I wanted to keep low (see ditch). Ditch digging party anyone?
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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Do these girls look a little stir crazy?

Trent had enough! Being trapped in a house for a 24 hour period is enough to make anyone a little stir crazy, so he and Kristy emptied their fridge, loaded up Kiley and came over. I moved the grill to the front porch and realized, with the evilish grin of 12 year old, that the best way to get your coals to turn white is to place them in the direct path of the 30 knot wind. We went from cold to cooking in about 5 minutes. Half a bag of charcoal was white hot in no time at all. We had some shrimp, potatoes, chicken, onion, salad and of course Polk's sausage...ecclectic (spelling ?), but delicious. The company was, as always, terrific and the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I have to admit that it was pretty weird having Kiley, Maggie and Jack (supervisor) all playing together. The girls are finally at that age where the age difference is narrowing and the playing thing is in full swing. We awoke this morning to heavy, heavy rains. Our front yard is a disaster area. Looks like most of the top soil from our neighbors yard is now mounded up in our ditch (can I get a very unethusiastic yipppeeee).

We are out of work today, but should return tomorrow. We were very thankful to not recieve the brunt of Gustav. Though is looks like folks in LA did not fair so well. Thanks for the prayers and e-mails and phone calls! WE LOVE YOU!

The Piland Family
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Monday, September 1, 2008

Passing the Time

Well Jack has spent more time outside today than any other day in the past month. Eleven in the morning and it is typically 90 degrees and 100% humidity. We have spent our day enjoying each others company. Jack and I played outside for a while and enjoyed the wet weather (stiff 10mph breeze, no lightning, lots of steady rain) then we played with Maggie when the power went out. Power is back on now...uh never mind...uh no we are ok. Been like this for the past two hours on and off. Kids are settling down for naps and we are enjoying the day.

SCORE: Maggie: 1 Gustav: 0

Last night was long and sleepless, but not due to Gustav. Though it rained all through the night and we had some small gusts of wind (nothing worse than a typical summer thunderstorm) the real storm took shape of a 5 1/2 month old little girl. She howled and tossed around all night long. Gustav has nothing on her. Her little tummy was upset so Aimee took the first half of the night and I took the second. Jack slept great though and Maggie is out like a light this morning. Aimee and I are just staring at the local news that is saying that it will not get much worse today (except for the Tornado watches). Gustav has weakened and veered west. We will get some winds and more rain, but nothing near the ugliness of Katrina. Prayer answered.

More later: The Piland family