Friday, October 31, 2008

We bought a new security system for the house.

A 4 year old in a spider-man costume is all the protection we need!
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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Does this green shirt make my head look big?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Jack is now officially four years old and Mom and Dad are late (very) in getting any evidence of the birthday bash up on the web (sorry). Jack "my head is optimus prime" Piland had a terrific time (of course we must ignore the fact that he re-injured his head by bumping into a running party goer, she was WAY out of line playing at a party, the nerve). A few tears and an icy pop later, all was well. We enjoyed a split birthday party with his pal Peyton Williamson. The building was decorated in two parts (1/2 transformers and 1/2 tinker bell). Much much fun was had and the birthday celebration lasted the entire week. Check out the picasa web blog (upper left of the page for more pics). Our little boy is quite awesome!
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Monday, October 20, 2008

New Pics!!!

Click on the middle of the slide show picture (top left of this page "The Kids") to access the Picasa Web album. We have added quite a few pictures! ENJOY!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I do think that their is a time and place for just about everything. For example, the first time you attempt a Head-First "Pete Rose" slide, you should locate your attempt on a well-maintained baseball diamond......NOT a church playground climbing apparatus. We were attending our annual FALL festival at church a week or so ago and Jack was enjoying himself on the playground. In his diligence to climb back to the top of the slide faster than Optimus Prime would be able to do, he dove head-first into the corner of a step. He got up, cried out and walked over to Aimee and me. It all looked to be ok until the hematoma started forming and blood started spewing (too graphic...sorry), I mean niagra river flowing like he ruptured a main under the city of Atlanta with its antiquated plumbing system close-down Peachtree street for a week spewing (better?). I got the bleeding stopped with a baby wipe and the golf ball size hematoma was iced down with a first-aid cold pack. All pain and hurt was quickly nullified with a raspberry icy-pop and we were sitting back at the playground in no time at all. Jack was finishing his icy-pop and sitting in my lap when, being the concussion "expert", I decided to give Jack the once-over. Kids having a great time all around us, hollering and screaming with glee, I asked Jack to count my fingers (I held up three). He looks me in the eye and goes, "Three dad, can I go play now?" I'd call that cognitively intact. He then went around showing off the massive lump on his forehead.
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REAPING the rewards of one's efforts

Aimee and I had Jo and Joanna over the other night for some grillin fun which led to Aimee realizing that Jack had never tried SMORES.....For that matter neither had I. One coat hanger, some hot coals, 2 Chocolate bars, a few marshmellows, and a box a graham crackers later we realized that we ALL like SMORES. After devouring two of the big delicacies Jack decided that the resulting sticky fingers were too much to deal with. He asked to take a shower......WOW we should have SMORES more often.
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SMORES: First Timer

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The PEDIABOX 5000 Infant Entertainment System

I was going through some of the hundred or so pictures I have been meaning to post when I came across this little contraption devised by Aimee. I am thinking about drafting a provisional patent and claiming Intellectual Property on this device. I think that we can have this on the shelf by Christmas! $79.99 base price with an additional $29.99 integrated padding and playset upgrade. Thoughts?
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Alabama Score

A little late is posting this, but this captures a true DAWG's reaction to the Bama game.
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